Mountain Trail Hike
Date & Time
Friday, August 12, 2022, 12:00 PM

Overview of Hike
IMPA guides will be leading a hike on one of the many splendid mountain trails in the areas surrounding Sun Valley resort. Every year we choose one of the many trails that offer isolation in an exceptional environment and showcase the iconic views that this area has to offer. We will organize carpools as required to the trail head. The hike will be somewhat strenuous and requires reasonably good physical condition. However, we will have multiple people experienced with the trail and you can latch on to the group that matches your taste for pace – if you want to run, we can accommodate that, if you want to take it very slowly that is also wonderful and will be accommodated. In the mountains, there are no prizes for finishing first, but satisfaction is mandatory and finishing the hike is what it is all about.

Mandatory gear:  Please plan on bringing sturdy hiking boots or equivalent trail running shoes (no tennis shoes or sandals please!), a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a lightweight rain jacket, in the event of a late afternoon thunderstorm that may take place at higher elevations.

Optional gear:  Light backpack or hip pack, camera, energy bars or snacks, walking poles, and chap stick.

Self-Guided Relaxed Walks
If you would prefer to take it easy, we can recommend and provide maps for a number of relaxed walks leaving directly from the resort by foot or a short drive away.

For activity questions, please contact:
Drew Adams |
Daragh Maccabee |